Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on who should take over the reigns at the popular social media platform. The Ethereum co-founder is suggesting thoughtfulness when it comes to making such an important decision – one that could potentially have serious implications if it goes wrong.  He also acknowledges the desire of many users for new leadership and clearly advocates for their voices being heard as part of any decision regarding this move.  "Looking forward to seeing who the next Twitter CEO is going to be!" Buterin wrote on Twitter. He added in a subsequent tweet: “I should mention that it's good not to rush the decision too much. Overly hasty executive searches can lead to ruinous results; I know this from painful personal experience. That said, the vox populi wants a new CEO, and that wish definitely needs to be respected!”


What remains unclear is how quickly Musk will replace himself and just who that person will be. Rumor has it that has that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey might appear at the helm of the platform once again.  Musk declared that he would step down as Twitter's CEO once he finds a "foolish" individual to take up the role. After 57.5% of users voted in favor of his resignation, he promised to adhere to the result.   This comes after the entrepreneur faced plenty of criticism for enacting controversial policies during his ownership. Civil liberties groups have faulted Musk for inciting hate speech and misinformation across the platform by loosening content moderation rules.  With mass layoffs, the exodus of advertisers and rampant hate speech, whoever takes on the CEO role will have to deal with a business that has changed drastically in a short period of time.



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