In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, securing a listing on a major exchange like Binance is a game-changer for any project.

Not only does it provide a significant boost to a crypto’s visibility and credibility, but it often leads to substantial price surges.

In this article, I will be unveiling a method that most folks don’t know about, to discover cryptocurrencies with a high probability of being listed on Binance, potentially offering investors a chance to ride the next bull cycle for 10x-100x gains.

So What’s The Key to Early Listings?

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, plays a pivotal role in our process of identifying crypto projects that are very likely to be listed on the exchange.

These projects receive not only financial backing but also guidance and support from one of the biggest names in the crypto industry.

The Method to Find High-Potential Projects

The method we’ll be utilizing is a free site called

This website is a treasure trove of information about various cryptocurrencies, including funds, initial exchange offerings (IEOs), and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

As you can see here, out of all the top launchpads like Huobi, Kucoin Spotlight or OKX Jumpstart, Binance has by far the best average ROI at 1150+%, exceeding the second best by 800+%.

To begin your journey to discovering potential Binance listings, follow these steps:

1. **Visit Crypto
Head to homepage

2. **Navigate to “Funds” Section:
At the top menu, click on the Fundraising->Funds section, where you’ll find detailed information about various crypto funds and investments.

3. **Locate Binance Labs:
Scroll down until you find “Binance Labs,” the venture capital arm of Binance. This is where the magic happens.

4. **How to Spot High-Potential Projects:
Explore the list of crypto projects that Binance Labs has invested in.

Now, here’s the exciting part. While some of the projects Binance Labs invests in are already listed on Binance, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These are the projects you should be looking out for, as they are not yet on the exchange.

These are the projects that have a significantly higher likelihood of being listed on Binance in the future. Apply filter to exclude Binance and other major exchanges in the “Trading on” filter.

For high alpha projects for the next cycle, we need to filter for projects with high potential upside. So we’ll keep the current valuation to be <100M-150M

And we’ll search for tokens and coins only (they can be filtered separtely). I’m not very keen on ETFs or tokens with leverage.

For all the tokens and coins that appear in your final list (it shouldn’t be a list of >10 coins), click on them and individually check the details.

I’d suggest to only consider coins which have been launched this current year (2023) or atleast this bear market. This is because if the token is too old and it hasn’t been listed to Binance and other major exchanges still, then the probabilty is it never will.


Getting a project listed on Binance is not a straightforward task. It involves meeting certain requirements and criteria set by the exchange. However, when Binance Labs invests in a project, it often signifies that the project has the potential to meet these requirements.

Additionally, Binance Labs understands the immense value of a Binance listing, even if they may not explicitly state it. They are more likely to encourage and support their invested projects in achieving this milestone.


So what we learnt today is instead of devoting hours of research into coins that have utility and hidden gems that may or may not skyrocket, one needs to learn to use leverage, which in this case we are using the expertise of Binance to filter shitcoins and find real alpha. These projects found present an exceptional opportunity for early investors.

At last, it’s important to note that while this method increases the likelihood of finding early Binance listings, it does not guarantee instant success. Cryptocurrency investments always carry inherent risks.

Furthermore, make sure to check the funding rounds of these projects. If you can’t find Binance Labs’ involvement in the funding, exercise caution as it might lower the chances of a Binance listing.


Binance Labs’ investments serve as valuable indicators of future listings. By following the steps outlined in this article and conducting thorough research, you can potentially identify hidden gems with the potential to skyrocket during the next bull cycle.

Remember, there are no guarantees in crypto, but informed decisions can significantly improve your odds of success. Happy investing!


Thanks for reading this article.

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.