IMPT is a brand new green cryptocurrency focused on revolutionising the space of carbon credits, and has recently been onboarding even more companies to its platform through its affiliate programme, with Netflix and Samsung having just been added. 

Over 25,000 affiliate partners 

The Impact Project is focused on making the world a greener and more sustainable place, and to do this they have created their own eco shopping platform: when one shops through their platform, they are able to earn IMPT tokens as cash back. 

These IMPT tokens can then in turn be redeemed for NFTs as carbon credits on chain. The process of redemption involves burning the aforementioned IMPT tokens, which makes them even scarcer. 

The IMPT shopping platform supports companies that have high ESG scores, meaning that consumers can only earn the IMPT token as a benefit if they are shopping with companies that have been shown to be highly ESG friendly.

Improving the world of carbon credits 

The world of carbon credits, until now, has been rather opaque one dominated by centralised stakeholders such as governments rather than being determined by the free market. 

The antiquated way in which they are acquired and traded, and the fact that only companies are able to participate in this ecosystem, meaning that the entire process is extremely inefficient - this stands as an obstacle for credits realising their goal of improving the state of the world by reducing carbon emissions.




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