The co-founder and co-chairman of private equity giant The Carlyle Group claims crypto skeptics will be proven wrong.

In a new interview with Citadel CEO Ken Griffin, David Rubenstein says he believes that crypto assets are here to stay.

“I now think that crypto is not going to go away, the way some people have thought.”

While he hasn’t bought any crypto assets, Rubenstein says he’s making indirect investments in the digital asset industry.

“I have not invested in cryptocurrencies. But I have invested in my family office through companies that service the industry.

Because I think the industry is not going away anytime soon. And I can’t pick which of the 18,000 cryptocurrencies are going to work. But I think the industry is not going away.”

According to the multi-billionaire investor, crypto appeals to certain demographics owing to its portability and censorship-resistant nature, especially at a time when global tensions are rising.

“It’s clear that many people, and many have a libertarian view of life or maybe a more conservative view of life, and they tend to be liking this kind of thing that’s anti-government. The government doesn’t control it.

They want to have some of their assets in things that the government can’t control or know what they’re doing….

Well, if you put your money in something called crypto, where the government doesn’t know what you have, you can move it anywhere around the world. It’s not going to be devalued by government inflation. It’s not the worst thing to put some of your money in.”




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