There are many strategies in the market. Depend on the style of trading, hourly, daily, monthly. 
But what if there is that one strategy that makes you the most of them all! 

Alt-season is always quick does not last long. 

Alts are All alternative coins. I mean those that are not: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOT. 

Refer to our video explaining what is BTC season vs Alt-season. (You need to know the difference before you start trading crypto)

Enough said let's jump to the rules of our strategy:

1# Never FOMO a coin

As it is obvious to many, but believe it or not from what I saw over 90% of traders fall into this mistake. 
FOMO = Fear of Missing out

Example: Coin right now going over 40% up... Many feel oh I do not want to miss this opportunity. Trapped emotionally. 

Now, this brings us to our most important rule:

2# Set exit targets before entering a trade

Example: You wanted to enter DOGE but again you don't want to FOMO! So you set a buy Limit order on a support level, and you think from that support level it will hit 3x so you set the sell limit price. Whatever happens after or within you should ignore. Believe in your guts, your strategy your trade. 

The best way to know is to follow a trader chart from our Coin Analysis charts. We set a limit sell target, and sometimes rebuy targets. 

Now, this comes to our next rule:

3# Don't listen to News, Know what is real vs FUD

If I go now into Twitter, Google and just type a coin name I will over 100 scenarios, news about how good or bad this coin. This applies to the most important one Bitcoin. (If you already I assume you already don't trust the news. Good)

What is FUD? Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Best tools:

They pull news from all articles. Also in here BlockZ we only provide real news to fight the rumours.

4# Don't over-watch the market. No emotional Trading. 

If you over-watch the market daily, you will only suffer and do emotional trading without accurate study or belief on someone chart.

Quick money = Scam. Don't FOMO again. Don't do emotional trades. 

Only holders are the ones who never lose.

But by Holding you should follow a strategy, exit when alt-season about to end. Enter Bitcoin season when it is about to start..etc

5# Have a holistic 360 view of all the market. Know how the market move, go into cycles. 

Having a full picture is your way to start. 

Will you establish a business and you don't know everything about the market? No, you won't.

That is why here we always give the full picture in our coins analysis, and yes we are following this strategy like a religion.

If you want to follow a strategy don't ever pick pieces and leave rest! and just go half way of what the strategy is telling you. Otherwise, you will lose. 


6# Patience always payoff 

I read somewhere in a study that only two types of people made wealth from trading:

Those who forgot their wallet passwords, and those who passed away!

What does that mean? They were forced to hold. 


In conclusion,

Understand each coin where it is going before you enter, don't FOMO, don't do emotional trading, follow an excellent trader that you saw his charts in history are hitting accurately no less than 60%. And stick to his plan. 



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