A widely followed crypto strategist is expressing bullish sentiment for Bitcoin (BTC) as the last quarter of the year begins.

The anonymous host of InvestAnswers tells his 444,000 YouTube subscribers in a new video that October is historically a bullish month for Bitcoin.

According to the host of InvestAnswers, Bitcoin could hit up to $26,000 over the next four weeks based on the average return for October. Bitcoin last recorded a price of over $26,000 in June while it last rose above $25,000 in August.

“If Bitcoin can hold in and around its level, it’ll be better than previously…

Looking forward to October, the average return for October is 28.42%, which would take the Bitcoin price up to about $25,000 – $26,000. So, we’ll see if it goes there. 

Twenty-five thousand dollars is where we were not too long ago, and we could easily get back to that level.”

Compared to other months, the host of InvestAnswers says that October has typically offered the third-highest average monthly returns.

Bitcoin is trading at $19,411 at time of writing, flat on the day.

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