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Selling at yellow, rebuy at white. Simple. Goodluck.

Confidence level = High.
Risk level = Mid
The chart is good for SC holders, non-SC holders I recommend other cheap coins that still did not hit much. I think you guys know what I am talking about if you have been with me in the communication channels.

Project Overview

Sia is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, cloud data storage platform built on blockchain technology.


Sia is a platform for decentralized cloud data storage, getting built by a team at Boston-based Nebulous Inc., founded in 2014. Sia connects people “hosts” that have underutilized hard drive capacity with customers “renters” in search of data storage. The aim is to provide a platform that allows for peer-hosted storage of files, without the need for a single centralized entity to control the data. Sia itself would store only the storage contracts formed between the parties.

In the platform, files of individual users will be broken up and spread across a number of storage providers, known as hosts. These hosts will need to provide proof of file storage on a regular basis in order to receive payment and not be penalized. Payment is in the form of Siacoin and penalties involve the host losing Siacoin collateral that was put up. The proofs provided by hosts are available on the Sia blockchain for verification by miners, who also receive payment in the form of Siacoin for their verification work.

Instead of pre-mining a certain amount of Siacoin, Nebulous intends to generate revenue from fees on all contracts. This is done through the existence of so-called siafunds. When a contract is created, 3.9% of the contract fund is removed and distributed to the holders of siafunds. Nebulous Inc started off holding 88%, with the remainder held by early crowd-fund backers of Sia.. Siafunds can be transferred to other addresses but not used as payments on the platform.